Durable and high-performance products made entirely from Manitoba's recycled scrap tires.

From home and garden to sports and recreation, WOW Rubber is committed to making high-quality products made from recycled rubber tires.

Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner looking for durable, and affordable locally made rubber products, we would be happy to serve you. 

Our Recycled Rubber Products

Check Out Our Range Of Affordable, High-Quality Rubber Products

Reduces injury to your horse and cattle
Checkerplate surface provides traction comfort.
Retains moisture, thus minimizing both dust and mud.

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Our sidewalk blocks and stepping stones are cost competitive with the concrete variety but are lighter, easier to move and have a bit of flex – meaning they will not crack during seasonal change or as the grounds naturally shifts!

We all know that sitting or standing in one place for too long can have negative effects on posture, and worst case cause injury. Our mats reduce back and leg pain no matter what position you are in at work.

Our rubber gym mats are made to last and are an economical alternative to costly options found elsewhere. Our matting is extremely popular in both public and private gyms.

Good for public or private use, our parking curbs, sidewalk blocks, and ramps provide a soft experience in case of bumps or falls, and also look better than faded asphalt.

Can be easily trimmed to fit the size and shape required.
Economical alternative to costly options found elsewhere.
Made in Canada.
Built to last.

About Us

WOW Rubber is a division of Reliable Tire Recycling, an organization responsible for tire collection, processing, and manufacturing activity within Manitoba.
Our products are high-performance and durable, made entirely from scrap tires. But you’d never know it. We use technology to our advantage, processing tires in the most efficient, waste-reducing way possibl

Our Passion

There are so many reasons why what we do is important, from the immediate impact on the environment, to lessening our footprint for future generations. 


With tires filling up landfills for years, we want to do our part to keep the environment clean. By recycling tires, we are part of the renew, reuse, recycle triangle to keep this planet clean for future generations.


We collect tires from multiple sources and bring them to our shredding facility right here on Dublin Ave. They then go through the crumbling and molding process, where the rubber eventually turns into one of our products. 


From anti-fatigue floor-mats to rubber mulch, stepping stones, sidewalk blocks, rain splash pads, tree rings, and truck bed mats, we have products for wide variety of uses.

How Our Recycled Rubber Products Are Made

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